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MVP Eclipse Glow Reactor

MVP Eclipse Glow Reactor

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Unleash your firepower with the dependable MVP Reactor.  A testament to its controlled yet dynamic nature. Its flight path is characterized by a neutral-stable push with a trusty fade, making it a game-changer for every skill level.

High-powered players will find joy in the subtle, flight-extending turn the Reactor offers, without overpowering its natural fade. Whether it's shaping long turnover patterns or supporting accurate straight shots and hyzer bombs, the Reactor does it all.

Beginners or lower-power players will love how approachable this disc is. With the ability to hold flat-to-fade lines and a tendency for longer S-turns when released on anhyzer, it's all about manageable control. From backhand to forehand, the Reactor ensures you command every shot with precision and style.

Speed 5 Glide 0.5 Turn 1 Fade 5

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